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Olga Gantsura

Olga Gantsura

Hairdressing services


Expirience: 2 years..

Professional path: Where you are now does not determine where you will be - the choice is yours… Those thoughts did not leave Olga during the period when she was a seamstress by training, she always knew that her real mission was to be a hairdresser! Love for hair and small details were wonderful qualities that have defined a favorite direction in the beauty and hairdressing industries. And Olga chose the path that turned her whole life over... P.S.: I believed in my dream, and stubbornly walked towards it every day. I am the happiest person, because my work is an object for inspiration, the place where I can fulfill any client’s desires and make him a little happier.

Likes: She loves Afro braids and everything connected with them, loves creative projects, because they fully reveal the inner potential of the master and show new facets in hairdressing.

Advice: «Try to do what you have never tried, experiment, be inspired by our ideas, and inspire us with your ideas».

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