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Daria Gaidukova

Daria Gaidukova

Eyelash Extensions


Expirience: 3 years..

Professional path: Daria started to do eyelash extension while her studying at the university. Then she thought that it was just a hobby that brought additional income. But all this time she is taking trainings and seminars constantly and improving her professional skills. Daria is falling in love with it more and

Likes: She loves both the process and the result of her work. She always tries to create a relaxed friendly atmosphere for client feeling comfortable during the procedure.

Advice: «If you are doing eyelashes for the first time, you should decide on the length, volume, color and bend, you prefer to open your eyes or change their shape. A real professional will consult you with all details and tell you how this or that effect will look exactly on you».

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