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Natalia Gaidukova

Natalia Gaidukova

Nail Service


Expirience: 22 years..

Professional path: Natalia's mother is a hairdresser master, so since childhood she spent many times in the salon, watching how beauty was created. That determined her further fate. Already at the age of 21, Natalia became a master of nail service, and later a co-owner of a beauty salon in another region of Ukraine. Natalia is constantly improving her qualifications and has developed many of her own technologies for conducting procedures.

Likes: She likes the whole process – from the client's meeting to the final result of the procedure and, of course, the client's happy eyes. She especially likes to mae the pedicure procedure.

Advice: «The success of any procedure depends not only on the master, but also on the client. If the master consults you, gives you recommendations, do not neglect them! After all, regular visits to procedures are the basis of a good looking appearance».

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