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Catherine Mangush

Catherine Mangush

Face and body cosmetology


Expirience: 7 years..

Professional path: Catherine was always fond of beauty and loved to take care of herself. She was directed to professional cosmetology by a relative who had been working in that field for many years and from whom Catherine took experience at the beginning of her career. Catherine received her specialized education as a cosmetologist at a leading training center in Kyiv. She never stops at what has been achieved, and therefore continues to learn, improve and develop to these days.

Likes: To give people beauty, and that means to make them even more beautiful and happier.

Advice: «Do not neglect your personal care! We have one skin and youth also happens once and passes quickly. If you have any visible problems with the skin condition, do not perform self-treatment and conduct home experiments with the skin according to recipes from the Internet. It is better to go for a consultation with a specialist at least once and get answers to all your questions».

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